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Welcome to Journey to Authentic Living!

By visiting this site you are taking the first and most important step in what you will come to recognize as a path to gaining more meaning and transforming your life view in a way that will ensure a healthy, more rewarding life experience.

Unlike many organizations devoted to helping others overcome impediments to health and wellness, we at JTAL do not focus on the selling of products and services but on the delivery of tangible solutions that provide observable and measurable results.

Living YOUR Truth

Using simple but proven highly effective processes, techniques, and modalities, traditional as well as some non-traditional, Sandra Rojo, the founder of Journey to Authentic Living (JTAL), and her highly skilled associates and staff will work with you as co-creative partners to help you learn to identify and eliminate inauthentic living patterns in your life that are preventing you from experiencing a fulfilled and meaningful life that positively enhances your relationship with others and the world. Regardless of your life circumstances, you have the potential to truly follow your heart's wisdom, live YOUR truth, and be real in every sense: The very essence of human flourishing and achievement.


Sandra Rojo, Founder of Journey to Authentic Living

Sandra Rojo is the Founder and President of Journey to Authentic living (JTAL). JTAL is a professional Coaching, Training and Consulting Company.

Sandra has a B.S. in Psychology and Life Coaching, Cum Laude and has more than 15 years of practical hands-on experience working with clients to achieve positive lifestyle and behavioral changes.

She is descended from a long lineage of healthcare professionals including traditional and non-traditional medical doctors and therapists.

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  • Struggling with focus, I came to Sandra and her team. They created a mini program just for me and with learned techniques and some tools and coaching, I definitely understand now why I was so distracted. It’s amazing how small shifts are so significant.
    Laura C.
    New York (USA)
  • I came to Sandra during one of the most difficult times in my life. I was in a very dark and depressed time and she helped me focus on what my immediate needs were to get me to a safe place. Sandra helped me to focus on the positives in my life and helped to pull me out of my depression and get me back to living again. I still have struggles at times but I look forward to working through them with her help. Sandra has a unique ability to make you feel comfortable and talk about your specific needs, no matter the subject. I will continue to use Sandra's life coaching techniques and work on constantly improving my life.
    Los Angeles, California
  • Coaching takes skill and art. The JTAL team has it and we benefitted so much from the mindfulness techniques that we enrolled our 20-year-old daughter who was encountering anxiety before leaving for university. Life transitions are not always easy for young people today, so as parents we gifted Amy with coaching.
    The Beckers
    San Diego, California
  • What I find great about Sandra and her team is that they are client-centered. I love the mini-interview and how JTAL identifies your needs, not the cookie-cutter style sessions at all.
    R. Ingles
  • Sandra and her team are true people of integrity. They took me as I am and where I was in my life and, in a world that pushes and pressures people, JTAL’s support is priceless!
    John K.
  • I embarked on The Hero’s Journey and I learned so much about myself. Sometimes it wasn’t easy to self-examine myself (but that’s The Heros’ Journey) however, it was well worth it. Today, I am a person who has learned about healthy boundaries and discovered how influenced I was by others. Today, I thrive by making my own and more authentic decisions.
    T. Balducci
    Ravenna, Italy
  • I have worked with Sandra over the years and she is a person of integrity, compassionate, generous, supportive, kind and invaluable!
    Melinda Carter
    Virginia (USA)
  • Sandra was outstanding in her hospice work here at Penrose hospital. Many times, we nurses cannot give patients additional morphine for pain, so I always welcomed Sandra’s work in energy and mindfulness practices.
    Registered Nurse at Penrose Hospital, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Marta is a wonderful Mindfulness Coach and nurse who introduced me to "Mindfulness". She taught me to take my experience from meditating to find clarity and awareness and opened my eyes to enjoying the world and my life. I was a breast cancer survivor who was feeling very sad and dark at the time. I was able to find perspective to clear myself of the negativity so that I could enjoy the moment and all that life has to offer. She is a wonderful Practitioner who encouraged me to remember to live my life every moment. To be present and aware so that I can enjoy my life. Thank you for opening me to being me.
    Jacksonville, FL
  • I was encountering a difficult period when I had to face much stress in my life. As a passionate healthcare provider in private practice, I became aware with Sandra’s help that I was neglecting my self-care. The stress was inducing some negative physical manifestations but with my work with Sandra, I was able to overcome by identifying the root issues. I now feel more alive and learned when to say, enough is enough.
    Dr. Grazia Pretolani
    Ravenna, Italy
  • Throughout our sessions, Sandra has helped me focus on what is important in my life. She’s helped me set my boundaries and establish a realistic work-life balance. Sandra is an inspiring leader, and it’s an honor to call her my coach.
    National Operations Manager
  • Sandra created a productive and safe environment for me to discuss some complex issues I hadn’t really been able to share with anyone. Sandra is an active listener, and always gives me space to talk. I feel a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders and have experienced several positive changes in my life due to Sandra’s coaching sessions. I have no hesitation in recommending Sandra.
    Esthetician and Skincare Specialist
  • As my business mentor, Stan helped me refocus my business and challenged me to think outside of my comfort zone. His experience, honesty and results-driven character has bought clarity to all of my business decisions.
    Small Business Owner
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